Berger Harris Serves as Delaware Counsel to Borrowers of $2.2 Billion in Real Estate Financing

Berger Harris served as special Delaware counsel in the closing on December 3, 2014 of a multistate real estate financing deal. The deal involved mortgage and mezzanine loans in the aggregate amount of approximately $2.2 billion from four major commercial lenders to a group of 241 borrowers, each a Delaware limited liability company associated with a nationally-renowned commercial realty finance company.  The loans were secured by 220 properties located across the United States.

Berger Harris attorney Michelle Quinn provided opinion letters on legal matters pertaining to the borrowers and the loan.

Berger Harris attorneys have a great deal of experience with the drafting and issuance of Delaware opinions required in commercial real estate transactions and other business arrangements, including investment fund, joint venture and structured finance transactions. Opinions issued by Berger Harris have been issued to and on behalf of national and international investment companies, banks and other lenders, borrowers, rating agencies, and government and quasi-governmental authorities.

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