David Anthony Interviewed by Family BusinessCast on Pitfalls of Terminating Employees

[Cross-posted at Business Law Basics]
David Anthony
was interviewed by Family BusinessCast on the thorny, legally complex subject of terminating employees, and the potential pitfalls associated with firing decisions.

Among the topics covered:

  • The protections and limitations of at-will employment.
  • Anti-retaliation laws protecting employees from being fired.
  • Unemployment procedures.
  • Bad faith claims against employees who invent pretextual reasons for firings that would otherwise have been lawful.
  • Terminations stemming from social media postings and other off-duty activities.
  • Enforceability and enforcement of noncompete agreements and other post-termination obligations.

Family BusinessCast, a production of Family Business Media LLC, is a resource that provides information on legal, accounting, and investment issues to family-owned businesses. David was previously interviewed in early June on employment issues facing family businesses.  In April and June 2014 Family BusinessCast also posted interviews with Berger Harris partner and Business Law Basics co-author Brian Gottesman on the subjects of operating agreements for small businesses and the benefits of incorporating in Delaware, respectively.

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